Yay @ Ion Orchard

Location: Ion Orchard, Singapore
Outfit Details:
Rosey Rose Long sleeves: Ukay-ukay, Guadalupe
Black jeggings: gift
Plaid boots: Ukay-ukay, Guadalupe

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Still Life With Braces

Outfit details:
T-shirt: Gift @ http://bleachcatastrophe.com
Blazer: Samlin @ SM
Small bag: Gift from Rustans, Makati
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Hey Beanie!

Outfit details:
Mocha white beanie: Forever 21 P 435.00
Domo pink shirt: Gift (Sg)
Khaki shorts: Mom’s closet
Gladiator boots: Ukay-ukay
Earrings: Singapore
Inspiration: Domo-kun =))


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Bed of Roses

Outfit details:
Basic shirt: Guess (Gift)
Soft denim jacket: Ukay-ukay (Thrift shop)
Denim w/ plaid patch shorts: Ukay-ukay, Guadalupe
Mocha mid heel shoes- Ukay-ukay, Guadalupe
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Guys in Plaid

Paul Dizon
Plaid polo: People are People
Pants: Maldita
Shoes: Limited edition Australia crocs
Vince Lopez
Dirty Chuck: Converse

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Bat Girl

Outfit details:
Bat sleeveless: Mom’s closet
1950s bag: Grandma
Rugged Corduroy shorts: Mom’s closet
Brown pumps: Gift

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Ukay-ukay, Guadalupe

Thrift shop in Guadalupe, Makati.

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