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Bat Girl

Outfit details: Bat sleeveless: Mom’s closet 1950s bag: Grandma Rugged Corduroy shorts: Mom’s closet Brown pumps: Gift Inspiration: ♥ Karrie Advertisements

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Outfit details: Hoodie: thrifted Sequined sleeveless: Gift Leggings: SM Makati

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If I am lost for a day; try to find me

Outfit details: Top lace: thrifted Chanel pearl necklace: gift Olive green skirt: Grandma Loafers: Moms

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Dancing Angel

Outfit Details: Satin Pink Bolero: Thrift shop (Guadalupe) Pants: Thrifted Flats: Thrift shop Pearls: Gift

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Outfit details: Sleeveless: Lacoste Trip to outer lace skirt: Grandma Headband: Guadalupe (tiangge) Crocheted earrings: Gift Flip-flops: Havaianas *For rainy days! lol =))

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Outfit details: Headband: Guadalupe, Makati Sleeveless: Thrift shop Japan-ish shorts: Thrift shop Necklace: A lover’s gift Flip-flops: Havaianas

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