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  Outfit details: Peach floral shirt: Ukay-ukay, Guadalupe Stars leggings: Uniqlo, SG Denim Gladiator: Ukay-ukay, Guadalupe ♥ Karrie Advertisements

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Bed of Roses

Outfit details: Basic shirt: Guess (Gift) Soft denim jacket: Ukay-ukay (Thrift shop) Denim w/ plaid patch shorts: Ukay-ukay, Guadalupe Mocha mid heel shoes- Ukay-ukay, Guadalupe Inspiration:

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Dollar Belt

Outfit details: Striped Baby blue blouse: Ukay-ukay, Guadalupe 10 Pesos!:D Old Jeans: Thrifted Vintage pumps: Gift Dollar Belt: Market-market, Taguig 100 Pesos

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Made In Heaven

Outfit Details: Sweatshirt: Ukay-Ukay, Guadalupe Denim shorts: Thrifted Plastic shoes: Celine Orange earrings: Rockwell ♥ Karrie

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Rock Around The Mouse

Outfit Details: Mickey sweatshirt: Thrifted Denim shorts: Thrifted Plastic shoes: Celine

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Outfit details: Basic shirt: Guess Floral-lacey denim skirt- Thrift shop Brown fringes flats- Thrifted

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Summer Is Not Yet Over

Outfit details: Blouse: Kashieca (Rockwell) Floral pants: Thrift shop Pumps: Thrifted Watch: Gift Headband: Thrift shop

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